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Are you looking to increase your salary or change role, industry or location? 用这个灵活的在职工商管理硕士学位改变你的职业生涯.

You can study this international 工商管理硕士 from anywhere in the world while you work 全职. This means you can apply the skills and knowledge you learn immediately to solve your business challenges.

澳门太阳集团全球在职工商管理硕士是为 专业人士 from all industries with at least three years of experience and strong career progression. You will graduate with the same 工商管理硕士 qualification as candidates who study the 澳门太阳集团 工商管理硕士 全职 在澳门太阳集团.

什么是混合式学习? 混合学习 is a type of distance learning that combines online teaching with face-to-face workshop residencies. The workshops are a great opportunity to learn and network with talented peers from all industry sectors.

我能学到什么? You will study core business and management courses and take on two challenging business projects. You’ll also choose specialist electives in areas that interest you. 帮助您拓展全球网络, 你可以参加澳门太阳集团海外办事处的研讨会:迪拜, 香港, 上海和新加坡.


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排名第五th 在英国(FT 2022)




选择适合自己生活方式和学习方式的学习方式. We teach our 全球工商管理硕士 through a combination of highly-participative online learning and workshop residentials to fit around your work and home commitments. 


Most courses include an intensive, three-day workshop residential. 全球工商管理硕士研讨会有机会:

  • Immerse yourself in your studies, away from the distractions of daily life
  • 专注于你想要达到的目标
  • 建立一个强大的、相互支持的团队
  • Experience a challenging mix of experiential learning from renowned business experts and practitioners
  • 参与以实际业务问题为重点的小组工作
  • Network, socialise and make connections that could transform your career. 

You can also flex your workshops to include more online or face-to-face learning to suit your commitments.


第一年 第二年
2023年7月12日至14日(3天澳门太阳集团) 2024年7月(澳门太阳集团4天) 
2023年9月(6天在澳门太阳集团+ 1天虚拟) 2024年9月(任意全球中心6天) 
March 2024 (6 days 在澳门太阳集团 + 3 day virtual in August 2023) 2025年3月(任意全球中心3天)

7月 2023 intake: 全球工商管理硕士 金融 Accelerated workshop schedule

第一年 十三至十八个月
2023年7月12日至14日(3天澳门太阳集团) 2024年7月(澳门太阳集团4天) 
2023年9月(6天在澳门太阳集团+ 1天虚拟) 2024年9月(任意全球中心3天)  
March 2024 (3 days 在澳门太阳集团 and 6 days at any global centre)  

请注意 这个研讨会时间表是为了 全球工商管理硕士 candidates enrolling at the 澳门太阳集团 campus (students from the UK, 北美, 南美, 欧洲和撒哈拉以南非洲).

如果你在亚洲, 中东, 北非或大洋洲, please contact your regional University of 澳门太阳集团 Worldwide centre for workshop dates: 迪拜香港上海新加坡



  • 专门的在线学习和支持中心
  • Live online lectures and virtual workshops to support face-to-face workshops
  • 与世界顶尖学者的虚拟办公时间
  • 在线学生手术
  • 数字图书馆
  • 论坛
  • 会前学习技能和基础复习课程
  • 虚拟演讲嘉宾和社交机会


顶级组织希望拥有了解当地情况的全球高管. You need to thrive in a multi-cultural environment and manage across boundaries. The 澳门太阳集团 全球工商管理硕士 offers a particularly international experience.

  • Attend workshops for elective courses at any of our 全球中心 in year two: 迪拜、香港、澳门太阳集团、上海和新加坡 (Alliance MBS will provide six nights’ accommodation in two locations). 50% of students typically attend a workshop overseas during the programme
  • 和成功的高管一起学习 90个国家和不同的专业背景
  • Make new contacts from across the globe who could be indispensable to your future business career
  • 体验新的视角和商业机会
  • Learn how to communicate and negotiate effectively with people from other cultures
  • 加入澳门太阳集团的联盟MBS网络 来自176个国家的6万名校友 – lifetime access to some of the world’s brightest business minds


  • Wherever you choose to attend workshops, you will receive the same world-class teaching. Our internationally-renowned academics travel the world to teach at our 全球中心
  • 如果你的事业需要你出国, you can continue your 工商管理硕士 without interruption by taking workshops at a different centre

Selim Dayanik - 全球工商管理硕士 alumnus spotlight >>

费用 & 资金


  • 全球工商管理硕士(2年): £31,500
  • 全球金融速成工商管理硕士(18个月): £29,000


请注意 the above fees are for candidates enrolling at the 澳门太阳集团 campus (students from the UK, 北美, 南美, 欧洲和撒哈拉以南非洲).

如果你在亚洲, 中东, 北非或大洋洲, please contact your local University of 澳门太阳集团 Worldwide centre to discuss fees in your region: 迪拜, 香港上海新加坡


We encourage our 全球工商管理硕士 candidates to attend workshops for elective courses overseas to enhance their learning experience. We will provide six nights of accommodation in up to two of our global centre locations (please note, this allowance does not cover accommodation in your ‘home’ centre).


  • 申请截止日期为4月14日(星期五) 10%的折扣 佣金


If you have successfully graduated from a degree at the University of 澳门太阳集团 or UMIST, 你可以获得校友忠诚奖学金, 最大值是多少 20%的折扣 (inclusive of VAT or GST where appropriate) on the tuiti佣金 that you are personally 资金. 

Experiences on the 全球工商管理硕士 - Sue Beharrell >>


许多公司资助员工参加全球在职工商管理硕士课程. We can help you put together a business case that outlines the benefits to your organisation. We can also schedule a meeting or call with your HR department to talk through the programme. 请与澳门太阳集团联系以了解更多信息. Click here to find out more about our corporate partnerships >>


  • Minimum of three years’ post-graduation work experience with strong, 持续的职业发展和成就
  • 本科或同等学历
  • Satisfactory GMAT® and GRE® or 澳门太阳集团 Admissions Test score
  • Professional accountancy qualification (金融 Accelerated pathway only)
  • 专业技能和胜任能力
  • 国际曝光(有价值)
  • 创业经验(有价值)
  • 团队合作精神强
  • 优秀的沟通能力
  • 情商和个人素质
  • Proof of English competency (assessed throughout the admissions process)


Full entry requirements >>


如果你没有学位, it may be possible to gain a place without formal academic qualifications. Please view our full entry requirements for further information >>

Ian Brake - 全球工商管理硕士 experience >>






The 澳门太阳集团 全球工商管理硕士 will take you as far as you want to go. You can attend workshops for elective courses at any of our 全球工作坊地点, so you can network with high-achieving executives from diverse professional backgrounds and over 90 countries.